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How do we tell our children about separation and divorce?

by admin on April 11th, 2014

Children thrive on consistency and structure in the family home. When parents have decided to physically separate then parents should work out a plan between themselves of when the child(ren) will live with each of them. It is best if both parents agree on what they will tell the children and meet together as a family to discuss the situation. Children often will ask when is the parent leaving? Why are the parents separating/divorcing? Where is the parent going to live?

It is recommended that the parents response be short, concise and filled with factual information. Since parental decisions vary throughout the separation process the parents may tell the children that as things change the parents will inform them truthfully. Adults should avoid blaming the other parent or sharing adult business with the children. When children ask the “Why” question the parent may respond this is our adult business and emphasize the parents relationship with the children will remain strong.

Adopted from Cypress Collaborative Divorce blog post



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